14-14 – Paloma Wool

210 x 270 mm
228 pages + covers
Design by Querida
Printed in offset pioneer 120 gr.
Hard cover in offset pioneer.
Thread-sewn paperback
First edition: 500 copies
ISBN 978-84-944187-6-1

Price: 30 euros + shipping


Our first Hors Série volume is the publication of fashion designer Paloma Lanna’s yearbook, docu- menting the first year of existence of her brand, Paloma Wool, in which she has collaborated with some of the most important artists and photogra- phers in the contemporary Barcelona scene like Carlota Guerrero, Alba Yruela, Isabella Killoran or Blanca Miró. The book makes no distinction be- tween commercial creations, artistic experiences or intimate reflections of Paloma herself, but ins- tead unites them all to offer a faithful and personal portrait of the label that bears her name.