Mano de Santo / Arte Insano / Branpussy – Guillermo Santomà

220 x 300 mm
80 pages + covers
Design by Raquel Quela
Printed in indigo
On Symbol Gloss 100 gr. paper
Soft cover on Springo Grano 250 gr.
Stapled bound
First edition limited to 69 copies (3 x 23)



This is the first in a series of zines featuring public performances by architect and sculptor Guillermo Santomà, Barcelona’s most talked about enfant terrible. Photographer Adrià Cañameras documented the public event in which Guillermo made a chair, a lamp and a table using fire and industrial materials such as foam, methacrylate or glass, all in less that an hour and in front of an awed audience. The zines are designed by Raquel Quevedo and come in three different iconic covers: Branpussy, Arte Insano and Mano de Santo. It includes a foreword by industrial design maverick Antoni Arola, praising the ways and means of Guillermo Santomà’s craftmanship.