#TNV008 Negociudad - Corte Moderno

Negociudad – Corte Moderno

300 x 300 mm.
Cut out gate fold with Pop Up splash interior
Printed on 280 gr. folding white cardboard
Includes 12 inch vinyl record with 18 tracks
with a total running time of 45 minutes 18 seconds
First edition of 500 copies
PVP: 20€ + shipping

Destino de envío:

Negociudad is Corte Moderno’s first album, and also the first LP published by Terranova. It’s a conceptual album in the opera rock tradition and talks about the massive exodus of rural classes towards big cities, in what is both a revisitation of the origin of Marxist thought and a dystopian description of current urban hypertrophy.

An almost blank gatefold contains explosive colorful artwork by critically acclaimed contemporary artist Antoni Hervás.

You can listen to the whole album in Corte Moderno’s Bandcamp: