Random Pictures Book – Cristina Stölhe

Limited edition of 200 copies
Designed by Eme Rock
4 differernt covers
230 x 300 mm
Printed at Gráficas 94
Inapa Imagine Gloss paper
130g interior and 200g covers
ISBN 978-84-948107-3-2

20 € + Costes de Envío



Random Pictures Book presents a stream of images generated in a compulsive way by Cristina Stolhe, trying to put on paper the feeling of accumulation, excess, chaos and harmony natural to phone photography.

Along its pages one can find a mix of cacophonic random content, variations around a single subject, and the reiteration of some leitmotives that seem to obsess the author.

The book comes in four different covers, so make sure to select your favorite if you order a copy.