Scrolling After Sex – Leticia Sala

139 x 205 mm
304 pages + covers
Design by Marc Monguilod
Printed in offset on 90gr paper
Hardcover with jacket
Sewn binging
First Edition of 2000 copies
ISBN 978-84-948107-1-8

18,50 € + Shipping Costs


Scrolling After Sex is the first book by author Leticia Sala. It is also Terranova’s first fiction release. This book is a compilation of pretty much everything Leticia’s ever written, from her first uploads to Fotolog as a teenager to her more mature text to date, El resto es electricidad, that closes the volume.

This is a different book, a book made of short fragments, notes, doubts, even spare sentences. It has the quality of being many books in one. It is an intimate and brave self portrait depicting what it means to be a young, insecure woman in today’s Barcelona. It is a sharp, thoughtful meditation on the omnipresence of the Internet and its tentacles and how it affects youngsters’ social life. It is a romantic novel, navigating between the idealization of reality and the demystification of fiction. This book is all those books and even more. But on top of it all, Scrolling After Sex is a first-hand testimony, the comprehensive and self-conscious putting in page of a new literary voice. This book features the mumblings and imperfections, but also the will, honesty and strength of a new author, destined to become one of the most singular and special personalities of spanish literary scope.