Terranova is a small publishing house from Barcelona founded and directed by Luis Cerveró.

Terranova was born to meet two needs: confronting contemporary cultural virtuality by producing physical and tangible objects, and giving voice to a group of new artists whose generation is being silenced or removed from the mainstream by the capitalist structures dominating the national cultural scene.

Terranova has an independent, incorruptible and rebellious nature, but this by no means prevents it from producing objects of singular and defendable beauty.

Terranova can only be conceived as a common effort, willing to work together as a team with every artist we publish, making every project an open, organic and circular dialogue.

Terranova counts on you, on the other side, to be able to keep afloat this part irresponsible, part utopian enterprise. Because by supporting our products, you too take part in this invigorating effort and also because without your complicit gaze, none of what we do would make any sense.


Terranova & Labrador

C/ Diputació, 185. Principal 2ª

08011 Barcelona
Phone nr.: +34685895547


Terranova Founder & Partner: Luis Cerveró
Labrador Founder & Partner: Irene Asensio

General Manager: Lucía Boned

Where to buy

You can find your nearest selling point by clicking here.

If you need further information about distribution of Terranova titles for your store, please write to us at: info@terrranova.com


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