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GoodGoodPapers #1

Zine Launch
GoodGoodPapers #1 with Javier Mariscal
Thursday September 22, 7pm

Terranova is pleased to partner up with GoodGoodStefano for new series of zines about contemporary design chairs, and their creators.

The first issue is devoted to the Garriris Chair, created in 1987 by Javier Mariscal and edited by Akaba. 

Please join us for the public presentation of the zine, with the presence of architect Stefano Colli, the brain behind GoodGoodStefano, and Javier Mariscal himself, the legendary artist and designer behind hundreds of contemporary icons of design, from the Olympic Games’ Cobi mascot to furniture pieces like the Duplex stool, Mr. Light lamp or the Hilton trolley, the only Spanish official contribution to the Memphis movement.

To celebrate the launch of the first issue of GoodGoodsPapers, we will be showcasing an original Garriris Chair on our bookshop’s window for the whole month of September.