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Gran Sol

Book Launch
Gran Sol by Eneka Fernández
Wednesday June 15th, 7pm 

We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of Gran Sol, the new self-published artist book by Eneka Fernández.

The author states:

In December 2017, and with the help of the Department of Culture and Language Policy of the Basque Government, I published Terranova, a book dedicated to my father and his years sailing the high seas. Through images of icebergs, some letter and few personal photographs, I intended to make a portrait, not only of my father, but also of a generation of men who had to move away from home to achieve their family’s livelihood.

Years later, and as a result of a personal reflection about family, responsibilities, personal development, feminism or motherhood, I feel it necessary to publish Gran Sol, a book that will give continuity to the family story but this time from the point of view of the mother/wife/housewife.

My mistress was 4 years old when, hand in hand with her mother, she traveled almost 750 km in an old coal train to reach Pasaia. Many Galician families chose that destination to look for a more prosperous future: port, fishing, labor, new opportunities… But what was her life like? What was she able to do? Did she decide to start a family?

Having to give up studies, work hard, take care of siblings and then children, suffer the absence of a partner, be economically dependent… Few of these stories star in books, films or artistic projects, because they are not extraordinary or surprising in their originality, but now more than ever we need to tell them. To give value to the small, close, everyday, invisible stories. To give appreciation to every little detail, emotion, renunciation or decision, because the sum of these fragments have constituted us as people and as women, have opened doors for us and have broken down walls, giving us the courage to tear down those that still remain, including those that are barely perceived and are more difficult to destroy. These small stories are essential to look at ourselves, to understand ourselves, to ally ourselves, to value ourselves.

Almost 4 years after the publication of Terranova, I feel the need to focus on the other protagonist of the story (the silent protagonist, without exploits or adventures on the high seas, the silent character): Carmen. From her home in Gran Sol street in Trintxerpe -home, refuge of maturity, container of memories, watchtower of the present-, she will tell us about her childhood, her communion, her parents, her wedding, her family, her life. Of our life.

Gran Sol is composed of photographs of the protagonist and fragments of her memories, small phrases told over and over again, personal and collective memories. The story of a woman that we can feel as the voice of a whole generation. A silent and sacrificed generation, but at the same time strong and decisive.