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Special Screening
VERSION, a film by Théo Casciani and Lou Rambert Preiss
Friday September 9, 8.30pm 

Terranova is delighted to take part in the universal, simultaneous première screening of VERSION, a film based on the second chapter of the forthcoming novel Maquette.

VERSION, a medium-length science-fiction film co-directed by Théo Casciani and Lou Rambert Preiss, is a film populated by avatars, look-alikes, holograms and ghosts. Between split personality and out of body experiences, the characters of this chapter cross paths, get lost and then find themselves in urban or virtual territories to fight over memory and imagine the future of a vanished identity.

This film is the second stage of the series of readings of Model, a novel by Théo Casciani to be published in 2023, composed of twelve episodes as many chapters in the book. From then on, it is a question of reversing the classical schema that an author has to keep his text secret and then transforms its presentation into a commercial tool. Therefore, this project aims as much to prepare the publication of the novel as to test the material while it is still ductile, to confront it with other views and sensibilities from a wide variety of practices, and to use different channels to gradually install the climate of this fiction.

The different occurrences of this cycle will take the form of a concert, a conference, a performance, a party, an installation, a visit or a show, and will also be deployed in non-eventual settings, a radio program and a video-game accessible online and finally namely the film VERSION screened simultaneously in several spaces in France and abroad, in multiple locations, at the same time. This event-based diffusion aims at gathering audiences in an immaterial way around this film that questions our relationship to definition and duplication at the digital age.