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A tiny room in the back of our bookshop was turned into a big gallery space when we realized books are actually very small. Every month we hold monographic exhibitions, most of them devoted to the presentation of our own small-run artist books and prints. A public opening sets the start of each project, announced by our monthly invitations sent by mail to our friends and customers, and that are designed after the deeply missed postcards from ‘La Sala Vinçon’.

On view: Amara Nasira

Todos mis ojos

16.04.22 – 15.05.22

Todos mis ojos is an exhibition of original paintings by Amara Nasira which comprise Terranova’s new book, Sudokus.

A few months back, after a visit to her house, a friend of the painter left abandoned a cheap little sudoku booklet. Amara Nasira couldn’t help but complete it in her own particular way.

The book is a facsimile edition that reproduces the original without any interference. The exhibition consists of the torn-out pages nailed to the walls of our gallery. All original paintings are available for purchase.