Paloma Wool


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Second volume in collaboration with fashion designer Paloma Lanna, which gathers as a yearbook the second year of the firm that bears her name: Paloma Wool. In this case it includes collaborations with artists such as Carlota Guerrero, Camila Fálquez, Rita Puig-Serra, Marta Armengol and Carla Pérez Vas, among many others. The book continues the spirit of the first volume, combining without distinction commercial creations, artistic experiences and intimate reflections of Paloma herself, in what ends up being a faithful and personal portrait of the brand that bears her name and is inseparable from her own identity.

ISBN 978-84-944187-6-1
Edition First, 500 copies
Binding Hardcover
Pages 200
Size 210 x 270 mm.
Designer Querida