2018 Andorra, United Kingdom, Spain & 2 more

Cristina Stölhe


After our collaboration on her book Random Pictures Book, Cristina Stölhe wanted to change format to continue exploring her idea of transferring the imaginary of telephone photography to paper. Very soon she had the idea of making a giant poster, as big as possible, on which we would dump her images as in the interface of her iPhone.

The idea was to enlarge one of those mosaics in which each image looks like a pixel and is unreadable when viewed in its smallness. But by moving it to a much larger surface, this would make it possible to zoom in and discover each of the images, to enjoy them both individually and in their almost random juxtaposition with respect to the rest of the images around them. At the same time, a single image would be generated, amorphous and polyhedral, which would summarize in its abstraction the set of images, and their time frame.

This poster is therefore a single photograph of the year 2018, and at the same time, 902 images of brief moments that took place throughout the year 2018.

Edition Limited to 500 copies
Size 1160 × 1560 mm.
Designer Affaire