24 Arguments. Early Encounters in Romanian Neo-Avant-Garde 1969–1971

Alina Șerban (ed.), Ștefania Ferchedău (ed.)


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The exhibition-dossier is conceived as a methodological dispositif—a mediation space drawn on the narratives of art and artists—, used to explore the spiritual, theoretical and poetical undertakings in art and art practices grounded in the local terrain, in order to complement the existing research and to expand the circle of inquiries.

The concept of exhibition-dossier enhances a meticulous and extensive focus on particular themes or situations historically circumscribed and conditioned; it does so by limiting exclusively to artistic phenomena and cultural events in a multi-layered research that intends to deepen the surviving records, allowing a more comprehensive glimpse of the reality in which the artist worked.

24 Arguments. Early Encounters in Romanian Neo-Avant-Garde 1969–1971 was the first event in this cycle conceived by the Institute of the Present. The exhibition was dedicated to the visual and performing arts of the 1960s and 1970s in Romania and was hosted by the National Museum of Art of Romania between November 7, 2019–February 2, 2020.

Based on the previous research conducted for this exhibition, the publication gathers a variety of primary sources in the form of artists’ texts, statements, and interviews, together with an accompanying visual material that allows to fill some gaps in the current writings on Romanian art and to map the artists’ individual trajectories as well as the range of media they approached; a non-exhaustive chronology focusing on the artists’ trips and their participation in international events and exhibitions.

Artists and Authors: Horia Bernea, Ștefan Bertalan, Ion Bitzan, Radu Dragomirescu, Sherban Epure, Constantin Flondor, Pavel Ilie, Ritzi Jacobi, Peter Jacobi, Ovidiu Maitec, Paul Neagu, Miriam Răducanu, Diet Sayler, Radu Stoica, Vladimir Șetran, Sigma Group

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Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 184
Size 220 x 270 mm.