Arcana Mayor

Mayte Nicole Esteban


The cards are silkscreened in white ink on black cardboard, in what is a negative reflection of the original painting. To accompany the cards, Mayte asked Alejandra Smits and Julia Guzmán to write a mantra and a poem, with both resulting texts silkscreened in golden ink on a single, two sided fold out sheet.

This collection of Tarot cards are a very personal rendition of the main 22 figures of the Major Arcana of the Marseillaise tradition, as depicted by the artist Mayte Nicole Esteban.

Each set was personally wrapped in Asian paper and bound with a special stone selected by the artist.

This edition was presented in our bookshop gallery, with a ceramic case crafted by Robbie Whitehead, who art directed the whole edition, and hand carved by the artist.

The edition on sale here does not include the ceramic case, which is too fragile to be shipped. If you are interested in a complete edition including the ceramic element, please write an email to

Edition Limited to 22 + 4 AP copies
Binding Unbound
Pages 22 Cards
Size 130 x 170 mm.
Designer Robbie Whitehead