Helmut Newton


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A master of daring, Helmut Newton scandalized and intrigued the world for half a century with his provocative photographs of women and his “bad boy” reputation. His controversial book White Women, published in 1976, earned him the titles of King of Vice and Prince of Porn.

In his memoirs, Newton presents a candid image of himself, revealing a lifetime of adventures and a perspicacity that supplies the missing link between his life and work. His childhood in Berlin, his flight from Nazi Germany, his years as a gigolo in Singapore, his experiences in the Australian army, his relationship with his wife June, and much more, are recounted in this book.

For the first time, Newton tells his story in his own words, with unbridled energy and absolute charm.

Edition First
Language Spanish
Binding Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages 304
Size 160 x 233 mm.