Bajo el Puente

Jordi Oliver


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After being evicted for not being able to pay the rent, several gypsy families were forced to live on the street, under the bridge of the highway passing through Badalona. Documentary photographer Jordi Oliver went there with the intention of living with them and denouncing that harsh reality through images.

After several months of visits, one of the mothers, worried about whether the social workers would take their children away, proposed an idea: “Let’s write a letter to our majesty the King, he will help us.”

This story tried to be published without success, until now, 26 years later.

Ojos de Buey is a collection dedicated to documentary photography made in Spain in the last fifty years; a series of periodical publications, each one focused on a determined photographer’s work.

Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 52
Size 160 x 213 mm.