BUTT #19

Gert Jonkers, Jop Van Bennekom


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BUTT, the seminal indie magazine, with its signature soft pink paper and erotic portraits of gay men, broke ground for pushing against the mainstream and well-groomed aesthetic for something dirtier, raunchier and authentic. The recently re-launched publication made body hair, beards, pits and bellies the norm for an entire community in its pages.

The magazine premiered back in 2001, when anxieties about the commodification of gay culture were still running high and queer leftists were having heated debates about the utility of gay marriage. By contrast, BUTT seemed to offer a more separatist vision of gay culture — one that believed candid pillow talk could give birth to a more inclusive, intimate, and sexually open community.

This 19th issue published in Spring 2007 features contributions by Walter Pfeiffer, Luis Venegas, Daniel Riera and Derek Jackson among others.

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Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 78
Size 165 x 235 mm.
Condition Near Fine