Héctor Castells


Catalonely is the new book by Héctor Castells, a cult author from Barcelona’s literary scene, and his first output since releasing in 2013 Sideral, the enormous biography of his closest friend, the late DJ Aleix Vergés, a central figure in the nightclub scene of the nineties.​

A mix of travel literature, adventure novel and distorted autobiography, Catalonely is a detailed account of the many months living in southeast Asia after a sentimental break up. In a constant time warp intertwining the melancholy of imperfect youth days, the loss of eternal love, the overwhelming decay of the present and a foggy future, the book is a brutal exercise in self exploration from a man lost in life, both in time and space, with a witty style that is honest, courageous and hilarious all at once.

Few books manage to capture in such a delicate, unique manner that particular moment when all your life seems to have gone by, and all that’s left is to keep on going. Nowhere in particular, but always forward.

ISBN 978-84-124366-2-4
Edition First
Language English and Spanish
Binding Softcover
Pages 456
Size 120 x180 mm.
Designer Setanta