Ciertas Vidas Perras

Adrià Cañameras


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Mar, Adrià Cañameras’ girlfriend, moved to Madrid for professional reasons. And Adrià began to visit her frequently, to document his stays, and to gradually become obsessed with a city that still conserves an incomparable aura to any other city in the world.

In a precise and serene manner, with an extraordinary maturity for his age, Adrià has photographed everything for more than two years. In this book, day and night, individuals and the masses, the street and the bars, statues and trees, the classic and the contemporary are constantly in dialogue… And very especially, the public and the private. Without clear frontiers, nor dividing lines, in the same way in which they are fused and confused in the life experience of the author.

The result is a precious journey through the love story of Mar y Adrià, dotted with walks, encounters, visits, rests and endless nights, where everything is possible and nothing escapes. Adrià has collected moments, memories, brushstrokes, and has given them the form of a book to fix them forever, in a generous and passionate gesture, between unconscious and clear.

The images are accompanied by brief texts by Jorge M. Fontana, in which Adrià’s Madrid experience is described through shared anecdotes, elusive stories and half descriptions, generating a narrative discourse that widens the margins of the interpretation of the images rather than delimiting them.

ISBN 978-84-606-8952-2
Edition First
Binding Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages 196
Size 230 x 305 mm.
Designer Ana Domínguez