Laía Argüelles Folch


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“The first time I looked out on the balcony to see the views of my new place, I thought the cypress stood between my sight and the Sierra Norte. The second time I looked out on the balcony, the cypress became the view, and remained the view – a favorite view – for the year that I resided there.

This book is an album of photographs taken out of doors, sometimes with my elbow resting on the threshold, other times holding the Kodak camera at my fingertips. The collection of cypresses that are – but are not – the same is accompanied by the essay entitled “No toda ausencia (…)”, which also begins and ends in that tree of rotting wood, and meanwhile thinks about the whisper of the written word, about parenthesis and waiting, and dialogues in its own way with other voices, from C.S. Lewis to Felix Gonzalez Torres, passing through Carmen Martín Gaite or Idea Vilariño.”

Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 96
Size 130 x 190 mm.