Compendi Lumínic

Helga Juárez, Miguel Rojas, Natalia Baró


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Miguel Rojas received a remarkable proposal: travelling to Bordeaux in order to bring a catamaran to the port of Barcelona, sailing around the Iberian Peninsula. He had never sailed before, and he had no experience in manning any kind of boat, but he truly believed that he could be the captain’s sole companion, only needing to do as he was told and stand guard while the captain slept. Thus, Miguel eventually accepted the job, and took with him his super 8, his camera and a notebook.

With all the material gathered, Miguel edited his short film La Travesía (also produced by Terranova and Limón Express) and he decided to make this fanzine with the photographs using risography and adding poetic texts by Natalia Baró. It was designed by Helga Juárez, who was also be in charge of the film’s poster.

Compendi Lumínic is therefore not an individual work by Miguel Rojas, but a three-way collaboration in which each one contributes his or her vision and creative expression on the same subject (the sea crossing).

A co-edition between Terranova and Limón Express.

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Edition Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies
Binding Softcover
Pages 32
Size 210 x 297 mm.
Designer Helga Juárez