La Estrella de David


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We don’t really understand why David Rodríguez called us to participate in the release of his third album as La Estrella de David. Terranova is a disastrous label that doesn’t know how to move the few copies of the album that they have. Although surely this is precisely what attracted David, a man of incorruptible coherence.

The truth is that we didn’t have much to do, really, because when we co-edited it with Sonido Muchacho and Hi Jauh USB?, well, at least the serious part of the release was more or less covered.

Our role was merely to suggest a cover painted by Beatriz Lobo, which he reluctantly accepted. Also, we gave him some advice on promotional videos, which he completely ignored. Since, again, he’s a consistent man.

Beyond the exceptionality of this album in our catalogue, we have to say that the songs are truly wonderful. And that’ s probably what it’s all about anyway.

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Edition First, 500 copies
Format 11-track 12" vinyl record
Total Length 45' 18
Size 300 x 300 mm.