Derrière le Miroir #226

Richard Lindner


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A monographic edition of Maeght’s legendary Derrière Le Miroir (a French art magazine created in 1946 and published until 1982 featuring the great artists and writers of the 20th Century) devoted solely to Richard Lindner (1901 – 1978) published in conjunction with an exhibition of his work at the Galerie Maeght in December 1977.

A successful illustrator for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Richard Lindner took up painting in his 50s, drawing on expressionistic exaggeration, Surrealist fantasy, and Cubist manipulations of form. He became known for erotic and enigmatic renderings, first based on memories from his childhood in Germany and later inspired by the vulgar, fetishistic aspects of life in New York. His harsh colors and highly defined outlines exaggerated the garishness of the streetwalkers, circus women, and men in uniform that became his favorite subjects. Overtones of Berlin’s cabaret culture of the 1930s infuse his style. Although his work shares some aspects of Pop art, he avoided the association.

Edition First
Language English and French
Binding Softcover
Pages 28
Size 280 x 380 mm.
Condition Near Fine