Desde el Silencio

Raúl Hidalgo


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Raúl was not born deaf, but the unstoppable loss of his hearing is leading him day by day towards silence. This project is a poetic journey of the author where he portrays himself through people and spaces in a symbolic way to share that silence with the viewer.

The tenebrism of the images wants to transmit the social isolation that people with some kind of disability can suffer. The lack of light in the images could be compared to the absence of sound that Raúl experiences in his daily life.

“Desde el silencio” is a portrait of the loneliness and fragility of the human being. A project that is directly inserted in the theme of the festival, “Own Universes”. Raúl Hidalgo’s intimate and personal look gives us a glimpse of an inner world, a universe of small details and expressions, a poetics of light and portrait.

Edition Limited to 35 copies
Binding Softcover
Pages 20
Size 140 x 200 mm.