Die Toten: 1967-1993

Hans-Peter Feldmann


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Die Toten [The Dead] compiles images cut out of newspapers and magazines of 90 people who died as a result of German far-left terrorist organization RAF and the state reaction between 1967 and 1993. The corpses of people are arranged chronologically according to the date of death without any differentiation between perpetrators, victims and those who simply landed accidentally in the line of fire.

Criticized for a lack of empathy and human devotion, Feldmann explained that the purpose of the book was to “convey the size of this number of victims in graphic terms.” Die Toten becomes tangible as a nightmarish series of unframed devotional images that do not intend to process contemporary history, but instead, aim at the human condition itself.

Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 192
Size 148 x 210 mm.
Condition: Fine