Dutch Landscape 13

José Quintanar


The first exhibition at the back room of the new Terranova bookshop was devoted to the production and presentation of Dutch Landscape 13, the latest instalment of José Quintanar’s ongoing series around the notion and tradition of landscape painting in the Netherlands.

For the occasion, Quintanar single handedly picked and stamped 91 different books in the docks of Rotterdam, where he lives and works. As it is common in his practice, and specific to the Dutch landscape series, the artist drew and then deconstructed a landscape of 91 lines, composing 13 pages of an increasing number of lines, from 1 to 13. He then created 16 embossed rubber stamps on wood (the 13 drawings, plus 3 pages for titles and credits) and stamped all 91 books by hand, choosing the pages and the specific lay out. He covered all 91 resulting volumes in Dutch-orange dust jackets and numbered them from 1 to 91. All the books were shelved and exhibited during the month of October 2021, so everyone could scroll through their pages and discover the different variations.

Dutch Landscape 13 marks the first collaboration between José Quintanar and Terranova. It is also the first time we publish an edition of artist books.

All books are different, and we only have a limited number left in stock. If you want to select a specific one, please get in touch with us before purchasing it at info@terrranova.com

Edition Limited to 91 copies, each one different
Books will be sent out randomly
Binding Variable
Pages Variable
Size Variable
Designer José Quintanar