El juego de la madalena

Julieta Averbuj


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El juego de la madalena is Julieta Averbuj’s first book. It talks about the construction of memories and of remembrance as a changing path full of detours.

“I received a phone call in December 2017 and was told my father had passed away. In Buenos Aires, during the days that followed, I looked very closely at the family albums in his house. I then felt the need to make a book to honor him, as this was the object through which he also expressed himself.

I hope the reader lives the book as an experience. Whoever has it in their hands is encouraged to look at it closely and far away, to touch it, to look for combinations and find relationships in it. It is a book that invites the viewer to play. And I think that this is the best possible tribute to my father, inventor of the madeleine game (el juego de la madalena) and many others.”

Edition First
Binding 3 softcover booklets sewn together
with slipcase
Pages 18, 24 and 18
Size 240 x 320 mm.