El libro de las fuerzas

Julián Galay


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They say that if we are lost in a desert and we try to move forward in a straight line, we will tend to walk in circles in an anti-clockwise direction because our right leg is more developed. Something similar could happen with listening in everyday life.

In the desert, we could broaden our perception and look for some signs: a mark on the ground, a stone, a particular bush. If there is nothing, we can try to perceive where the wind is coming from, what is happening with the sun, listen if something sounds in the distance, leave some marks on the path we have traveled, as it happens in so many folk tales. To enter into context. To avoid turning on ourselves, in the desert of listening, we can also follow some tracks; those marks could be new works, subjects that generate a constellation or an imaginary territory. Tracks that do not serve to mark a single sense but to disarm it. A map appears, a cartography: a sonorous navigation chart.

The subjects, or the works, are not similar or different from each other, but the environment and the visitors’ listening create the similarities and differences. Forces and processes that contrast and complement each other. What is music today? We don’t know, but nothing better than being lost again.

Edition First
Language Spanish
Binding Softcover
Pages 176
Size 130 x 210 mm.