El Viento Imaginario

Marcos Jávega


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El viento imaginario is an experimental science fiction novel that merges psychological thriller, dystopian theory and surrealistic drama. Its storytelling unfolds in a fragmented, hectic and witty style that mirrors the life of their two main characters, Èlia and Héctor, blending literary genres, voices and perspectives, while trying to answer a central existencial question: ¿is depression a vampiric condition or is it the other way around?

El viento imaginario is the second novel by cult author Marcos Jávega (Palma, 1980) after his long awaited debut Pola en éxtasis, published by Walden in 2019.

ISBN 978-84-124366-3-1
Edition First
Binding Perfect Bound
Pages 176
Size 120 x 195 mm.
Designer Studio Mitsu