Encountering Experience

Annosh Urbanke


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You Press the Button, We Do the Rest – Encountering Experience refers to the advertised slogan for the first compact camera launched by the photography brand Kodak. In North America and Western Europe, a so-called “kodakization” was emerging from Kodak starting in the early 1900s. Around this time, Kodak-created havens for attuned visual experiences also emerged.

Using Kodak’s standardizations and cliché images as a starting point, Annosh explores nostalgic and contemporary forms of tourism. From personal and collective experiences, she looks at the contemporary consumption and performative elements of tourism.

Tourism is surrounded by various customs in which a classic image of groups of people with gadgets, cameras and other outward appearances has emerged. The use of these items paints a specific image that is tied to and tells a story about this time. With an attentive delay, she focuses on tourist contours in urban landscapes.

Edition First, 200 copies
Binding Softcover
Pages 64