Favorite Girl

Ramiro E.


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Photographer Ramiro E has spent decades photographing teenage girls in all kinds of formats, situations and styles. Formats such as 35mm, polaroid, digital or medium format. Situations such as on the street, in his studio, at parties, or wherever he finds them. And styles such as documentary, classic portrait, shot on the fly or in his timid incursions into eroticism.

So when Ramiro set out to edit a book that would review his entire career as a photographer, the accumulated material to select and edit was overwhelming. The process took months, during which time the author was constantly finding new discs and negatives. And if that wasn’t enough, Ramiro insisted on contacting one by one all the girls who appear in the book to get their consent.

The result, beyond demonstrating a coherence and a singular identity, no matter how much aesthetic diversity there is, is a sociological tour of Spanish adolescence in the last twenty years, where preppies, goths, ravers, indies and even the most ordinary girls are all mixed together. A catalog of looks, styles, atmospheres and body expressions that shows that the motif that has obsessed Ramiro for so many years is of inexhaustible richness.

ISBN 978-84-944187-9-2
Edition First, 300 copies
Binding Softcover
Pages 208
Size 17 x 235 mm.
Designer Ana Domínguez