Fluid Crust Surgery

Raquel Quevedo


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Fluid Crust Surgery showcases matter as the data-landscape of intersection between the computing space (digital technologies), cultural systems (visual language and science) and the identity multi-space through sculptures, objects and digital artworks in the era of Anthropocene and post-apocalyptic scene.

The captivating and striking artworks from Quevedo has a complementary side through words by selected artists and curators. From conversations with artificial intelligence (William Bagnoli), fictional (Allelon, Regina de Miguel), essays (Guillermo Santomà, Alberto Feijóo, Salvatore Peluso, Alba Font ), curatorials (Andreia Filipe) & experimental poetry (Saúl Ibáñez, Martin Sigler).

Edition Limited to 200 numbered and signed copies
Language English and Spanish
Binding Hardcover
Pages 175
Size 165 x 265 mm.