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Mogu Takahashi


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Japanese artist Mogu Takahashi (born 1984) moves between drawing, painting, sculpture and all sorts of visual forms of expression. Humorously, spontaneously and playfully, the images come in a constant flow from an image-making that never stops.

Drawing has come naturally since childhood but she initially studied architecture instead of art. It was a gallerist in New York who spotted her talent, and after being invited to a group exhibition, peoples appreciation of Takahashis work helped her decide to become an artist instead.

In 2013 Mogu Takahashi began the self-initiated project Mogu Daily Doodles, posting daily images on Instagram where she found she could connect with other artists around the world. She has had solo exhibitions in Japan, Paris, Barcelona Melbourne and at Fine Little Day in Gothenburg, and collaborated with various brands such as GUCCI and SHISEIDO. For Fine Little Day, Mogu Takahashi has created some of our most appreciated works for children and adults with a playful mindset.

Edition Limited to 100 copies
Binding Softcover
Pages 20
Size 140 x 200 mm.