Fondo de Armario vol. 1

Ariadna Paniagua


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At the end of 2016 she opened an Instagram account in which every Wednesday she punctually uploads a photograph where someone, either a man or a woman, wears one of her designs against a rather disconcerting background. In the caption she points out with a prodigious memory the day and place she wore it, and also some anecdote of the concert.

For more than ten years, Ariadna Paniagua, vocalist of the Madrilenian group Los Punsetes and professional dressmaker, has been creating a comprehensive look for each of her live performances.

Terranova got in touch with her to make a limited edition book to be presented at Libros Mutantes festival in April 2017. Instead of a book, she suggested we make a box of postcards in the style of Japanese Fresh Fruits, one of Ariadna’s greatest influences.

Edition Limited to 50 copies
Binding Methacrylate box
Pages 33 postcards and a diptych
Size 110 × 160 mm.
Designer Querida