Gong! #1

Mirena Ossorno


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GONG! is a quarterly monographic publication. Each issue is dedicated exclusively to an artist, who is given 48 pages plus covers to do as he pleases, with minimal interference from Terranova. In a separate sheet of the same format and in a single ink, an exhaustive interview is included where the artist’s trajectory is reviewed and the motivations that have led him to do what he has done in the pages of the magazine. The header of the magazine, which goes in the offprint, changes in each issue and is designed by the artist himself.

This is the first issue, published in the summer of 2014 and dedicated to the illustrator Mirena Ossorno. Mirena chose to dedicate all the pages to abstract patterns made exclusively for publication. It was also her idea to limit herself to two inks (yellow and black) and make an absolute mix of formats, from collage and Chinese ink brush to photoshop airbrush or artstudio worms. Some of the designs have also been passed through photocopying and risography machines. The interview for this first issue was done by Victor Ginesta Rodríguez, and the portrait of Mirena was taken by Alba Yruela.

This is Victor de Mirena’s brief biographical introduction:

Mirena Ossorno (Denia, 1987) is a graphic artist who, after studying illustration at the La Massana art school, plunged headlong into the world of desktop publishing. She is the author of the veteran fanzine Sueño Samoano, which is in its fourth issue, and the renowned feminist fanzine Bulbasaur, edited together with Andrea Alva- rado Vives and Blanca Miró, in which she combines a careful and refreshing aesthetic with essays, reviews and dissemination: a politicised oasis of lipstick with blades.

As an artist and illustrator, Ossorno’s work is eminently pop and is based on reappropriation and conceptual play. Inspired both by the aesthetics of the eighties and by the art direction that prevailed in the seventies, her style has evolved from the dirty line of her first creations to an increasingly fine line that she uses in a work composed of gags, patterns, interiors and posters, inspired by her own daily experiences.

Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 48
Size 270 x 370 mm.
Designer Ana Domínguez