GoodGoodsPaper #1

Stefano Colli


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Terranova teams up with architect and design chair enthusiast Stefano Colli, the brain behind GoodGoodStefano, to publish a series of limited-run zines under the name GoodGoodsPaper that will showcase an exclusive interview between Colli and an industrial designer to talk about one specific chair.

The first issue captures the conversation held with postmodern designer and overall local legend Javier Mariscal to discuss his Garriris chair, edited in 1987 by the Basque firm Akaba. Mariscal is responsible of hundreds of contemporary icons of design, from the Olympic Games’ Cobi mascot to furniture pieces like the Duplex stool, Mr. Light lamp or the Hilton trolley, the only Spanish official contribution to the Memphis movement.

Edition First, 300 copies
Binding Softcover, stapled
Pages 16
Size 105 x 297 mm.
Designer Sergi Vilà Bori