Hay un volcán encima de casa

Alba Galocha, Pablo Curto


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This book shelters a very personal collaboration between photographer Pablo Curto and multi-disciplinary artist Aba Galocha, with which for over two years they shared emotional concerns and creative outputs.

In a game of mirrors, the book can be read both ways, having two covers and double spreads with facing pages turned 180º. On one side, a series of photographs document thoroughly the clash between ceramic pieces made by Alba and the persistent erosion of the sea waves on a Fuerteventura beach, until the pieces loose their shapes and all that is left is a rounded memory of its original form. On the opposite pages, we find a transcript of private conversations held by the two artists over the course of many months, marked by Pablo’s grief over the loss of a loved one and Alba’s fears and concerns about life.

Hay un volcán encima de casa is a simple book, but nevertheless overwhlemingly poetic and honest, with both authors opening their souls and hearts for everyone to see.

The book includes a separate folded sheet insert with english translations.

Author ,
ISBN 978-84-124366-1-7
Edition First, 500 copies
Binding Softcover, Japanese binding
Pages 108
Size 240 x 200 mm.
Designer Naranjo-Etxebarría