Hell’s Gates: Notre Damned, An Act of God (signed)

Tim Coghlan


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An irreverent supplement volume to Melbourne-based designer and publisher Tim Coghlan’s 2018 book Hell’s Gates. Despite being relatively new, both books have already become scarce and highly sought-after.

Notre Damned, An Act of God again draws on the ubiquity of shared images depicting the burning and decimation of a house of worship. Here, Coghlan directs his strategic Google Images searches to photographs of the blaze that felled Paris’s famed Notre Dame cathedral in April 2019.

Comprising lo-res, amateur, and public domain photographs, Hell’s Gates poses questions of iconography, typology, and the implications of images. How does mythology affect the way we read images and make meaning, and why are some images deemed impossibly offensive, while others not?

Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 78
Size 120 x 192 mm.