I Saw Three Different Moons Tonight

Carla Pérez Vas


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I Saw Three Different Moons Tonight gathers the photographs of the first North American tour of Carla Pérez Vas, guitarist and composer of the musical group Mourn.

However, Carla offers a look completely away from the archetypes of rock, not only masculine, which evidently leaves aside, but even women who claim the harshness and aggressiveness of rock on the road. Carla’s photographs are sweet, calm, and with little desire to appear. They focus on details, pauses, tranquillity and simplicity. Without renouncing, in a curious way, love and sex as the necessary vertex of the youthful journey. Again knocking down clichés, the motif of her camera will be a single romance, and not a collection of trophies, giving an image of the man away from the fetish, and closer to the companion and accomplice. A small jewel realized without apparent effort, which multiplies its merit.

With its new collection “Cuadernos” (Notebooks), Terranova wants to claim a series of minor works that are no less relevant. Projects too brief to form a book, but too good not to deserve a paper edition, which rescues them from the magma of periodicals and online content.

ISBN 978-84-944187-2-3
Edition First, 300 copies
Binding Softcover
Pages 40
Size 180 x 255 mm.
Designer Ana Domínguez