Instituto Mental

Tino Soriano


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Built in 1889, the Santa Creu Mental Institute was Barcelona’s psychiatric hospital for a century, up until 1987. The colossal building located on the outskirts of the city had a capacity for 700 people. In its final years it housed only about 40 patients, most of them elderly people who had never left the center.

In his first reportage as a photographer in 1980, Tino Soriano managed to sneak into the facility, taking advantage of the absence of medical staff on Saturdays. Far from the preconceived ideas and prejudices of the time that he might have had about mental illness, he found a group of harmless, kind, lonely people abandoned by their families. They lived in dismal conditions and feared the outside world.

This series marked the beginning of Tino Soriano’s extensive career dedicated to portraying the human facets of the world of health care.

Ojos de Buey is a collection dedicated to documentary photography made in Spain in the last fifty years; a series of periodical publications, each one focused on a determined photographer’s work.

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Pages 60
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