Interior Space Designing

Yasuo Kondo


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In interior design, the individual analysis of various elements that actually construct space reveals the structure. In  accordance to this, the constant character given to the individual parts of the structure becomes a unifying design element.

During the construction, current interior designers tend to leave all decisions until the completion and therefore neglect making design plans and conceptions. Within this volume, the author, who gives priority over standard construction reveals his drawings, models and photographs centering on to main factors. Element (plain, cube, section) and process (analysis, axonometric, detail). IN fact, the method described is essentially process, but this is the first volume ever published with a collection of esquisse detail, introducing an author who won “The AGB Interior Design International Award” and “The Hill Ergonom Office Interior Award” in 1989.

This book has been composed in such a way as to clarify the process of construction methods and mechanism used in the author’s work as technically as possible. The Constructive form itself is in fact an expression of his own will in relation to the “lackness of methodology” or “the absence of interpretation” which appears to be especially important amongst the various problems of modern interior design, and could also serve as an effective means to present a way of recognizing interior design.

Edition First
Language English and Japanese
Binding Softcover with dust jacket
Pages 154
Size 295 x 310 mm.