Jonas Mekas: Films, vidéos, installations (1962-2012)

Pip Chodorov (ed.)


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Born in Lithuania in 1922, Jonas Mekas has made over 80 films, videos and installations since his arrival in New York in 1949. Each piece is inventoried and accompanied by an image, a list of public collections and distributors, the technical data and one or several short texts summarizing the content of the work.

Presented in chronological order, the work of Jonas Mekas can be appreciated in its entirety, the book serves both as a complete inventory and a research tool of his work. Films, videos, or audiovisual installations are all proposals that express the “I filmed” of the filmmaker and his celebration of everyday life.

The catalogue raisonné is preceded by a foreword by Pip Chodorov, one of the best connoisseurs of the work of Jonas Mekas. It is accompanied by a text by two young film historians placing the work of Jonas Mekas in its historical context and its stylistic evolution.

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Binding Hardcover
Pages 280
Size 154 x 216 mm.