La Movida: Crónica de una Agitación

Alberto García-Alix, Miguel Trillo, Ouka Leele, Pablo Pérez-Mínguez


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Starting in 1978 and for almost a decade, Madrid was the origin and meeting point of an upheaval. La Movida was not an artistic movement. Nor did it have what is so common in any self-respecting movement, such as having a political manifesto or a manifesto of intentions. No, La Movida was an outburst. A youth convulsion to begin with. Circumstances were conducive to it. It was coming out of the ostracism and closure of the dictatorship, and a restless layer of young people was launching itself into life.

The images taken by Miguel Trillo, Pablo Pérez-Mínguez, Ouka Leele and Alberto García-Alix are the photographic reference of what happened. They were not only witnesses, but also actors involved. In a few years, what began with the drive, humility and precariousness of young self-taught people, took root and mutated into modernity. It affected all layers of Spanish society. La Movida had its own creation and a visual imaginary to unite it to the heart of time.

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Edition First
Binding 4 booklets housed in slipcase
Pages 128
Size 220 x 330 mm.