La propia muerte

Péter Nádas


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You don’t understand what’s happening, you’ve never experienced anything like it and yet you know it’s called death sweat. An icy cold over your burning. Meanwhile, you see that nothing has changed around you and yet you realize that the difference between your perceptions and those of others is greater than predictable and usual. I have a feeling that affects me and not others.

First thing in the morning I was already far away from them and now I am even farther away. They are not affected by this burning, the surface of which is an ice-cold shell.

I would have never thought that I would feel so close to complete strangers, but now I understand, with my eyes wide open in fear of death, that we are guided by each other, that we are always comparing our situation with that of others and theirs with ours.

What’s the matter, someone asks as if talking to a deaf person. What do you think, are you blind, a heart attack, you do not see it, answers the deaf man.

Edition First
Language Spanish
Binding Softcover
Pages 80
Size 110 x 185 mm.