La Sinfonía de Bor

Irkus (M) Zeberio

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This is the first poster in the special series of giant artist posters inspired by the classic French 120 x 160 cm poster format, folded into 16 pieces for distribution. Terranova commissions each of these posters from an artist, always focusing on the concept of the vindication of the traditional book.

For this first edition of our Giant Posters, illustrator Irkus (M) Zeberio and Terranova’s editor, Luis Cerveró, went for lunch one day near Irkus’ studio in the Raval, where he draws and prints with his old-school underground printing press in Máquina Total. Their somewhat depressing conversation dealt with the decline of reading within the younger generations and the future that awaits humanity.

Such a cheerful approach to the current situation of reading prompted Irkus to create this apocalyptic and Orwellian illustration, which mixes direct references to classical painting, biblical characters, and Amazon’s imperial revolution, all in three direct Pantone: fuchsia, black and silver inks.

Edition Limited to 1000 copies, including 100 signed
Size 1200 x 1600 mm.
Printing Offset, three Pantone inks on 70 gr. neutral paper