Late to the Party

Maria Aucejo


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Late to the party refers to the generational feeling of being late for the good time, the sense of having lost the chance to live a more optimistic era, or the observation that certain trends or movements in the history of architecture influenced these Valencian buildings a few years later than expected.

This book merges the imaginary from pop culture, film, music, and photography with the discovery of an architectural heritage that was crying out for someone to put it in value.

The project plays at mixing past, present, and possible futures using archive images, architectural plans, current condition photographs, and visual references that at first glance would have nothing to do with the buildings. Late to the party has multiple layers and loose ends that each reader, depending on their interest, can pull.

Edition Second
Language Spanish, Valencian and English
Binding Softcover
Pages 194
Size 165 x 240 mm.