Larry Clark


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Larry Clark’s now classic LC book, published in conjunction with a 1999 exhibition at the Groninger Museum in The Netherlands. LC consists of 193 photographs of video stills from footage of the Menendez brothers’ murder trial in 1989, examining the iconography of one of the most notorious crimes in American history.

After shooting their parents to death in their Beverly Hills home, Lyle and Erik Menendez, aged 18 and 21, partied, gambled, and indulged in shopping sprees spending around one million dollars. What really shocked everyone wasn’t the mystery surrounding the case – the brothers confessed to the crimes – but rather the brutal power of greed and inhumanity; the gruesome phenomenon of the spoiled rich boys who thought they could get away with anything.

Edition First
Binding Hardcover
Pages 194
Size 245 x 300 mm.
Condition Near Fine