Legal Concealers

Marc Fischer, Public Collectors


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With Legal Concealers, Public Collectors continues their exploration of the court system with a new focus on historical press photos. Printed on heavy stock with no page numbers, each cropped image gets the full page for maximum power.

From the back cover:

This publication explores efforts by photojournalists to capture the faces of people as they experience being arrested, transported to and from court or jail, or appearing in court. I have only included photos where the subject has concealed their face from the camera. These photos include suspects, people who have been charged with or convicted of crimes, witnesses, law enforcement agents involved in sting operations, and informants.

I purchased these discarded press photos from multiple dealers on the secondary market. The trope of a person covering their face in these legal situations is common in photojournalism and these images were not hard to find. The photos span from 1945-1990 and primarily come from newspapers in the US, as well as a small number of photos from the UK, France and Germany.

Nearly all of these photos have printed information or news articles about the people and cases they represent pasted on the back. I deliberately withheld the names of the subjects, photographers, newspapers, years, places, and crimes connected to each photo because I do not believe the subjects consented to being photographed and those details are not the point of this collection.

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Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 36
Size 178 x 216 mm.