Los Salazar

Adriana López Sanfeliu


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The sixth volume of Ojos de Buey features a photographic essay on the roles of women as daughters, wives and mothers in a traditional gypsy family.

In their culture, marriage comes during adolescence. The wedding is a rite of initiation in which the young woman is deflowered, in the hands of an older gypsy, the “Ajuntaora”, to honor the family with the surrender of her purity: virginity. After this initiation, the young woman joins the clan as a woman and mother-to-be.

Los Salazar is the testimony of the photographer Adriana López Sanfeliu about the incarnation of the gypsy law through womanhood, the warranty of permanence of this culture and race. It is a search for the inner landscape of the gypsy woman beyond her fundamental collective identity.

Ojos de Buey is a collection dedicated to documentary photography made in Spain in the last fifty years; a series of periodical publications, each one focused on a determined photographer’s work.

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Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 60
Size 160 x 213 mm.