Maison Voiture Chien Fleurs

Elvire Bonduelle


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240 pages, 432 grams, four inks, four motifs, House, Car, Dog, Flowers. A few digits, four words and there you have it, Elvire Bonduelle’s new book.

This time again it will be a question of happiness and mechanics. As we flip through the pages a strong hypnotic domestic procession takes place. The wouaf wouaf of the Dobermann, the clic-clac of the Velux and the vroum vroum of the Alpha Romeo preceding and repeating each other, yet they are never alike. This book could have been called Groundhog Day, yet it doesn’t, its title is: Maison Voiture Chien Fleurs. An image packed paper brick without a single line of text!

Edition First, 200 copies
Binding Softcover
Pages 240
Size 160 x 22 mm.